September 1, 2021

Why September Is the Crossroads for All Four Seasons of Landscaping

Love having a gorgeous landscape and outdoor space? Out of all 12 months in the year, there’s one that stands out as crucial for outdoor living enthusiasts. It plays a part in each and every season, from battening down the hatches before the first frost to setting the stage for the first blossom. That month is September, and here’s why it’s so important from all corners:

1. Home Stretch of Summer

Make no mistake; you’ve still got plenty of summer left to enjoy in September. In New Jersey, we call it “local summer”—when the crowds of tourists dissipate, leaving a quaint, quiet lifestyle for locals. And once the kids go back to school, you can really embrace some much-needed serenity by being a little bit selfish with your time. Take on a DIY gardening project, or kick back while you hire a local NJ landscaping company like High Tech.

Meanwhile, September is also the trickiest season for watering. The bingo card of hot days, cool nights, cool days and hot nights can make it difficult to guess how much water your plants need. Keep a watchful eye and top off plants accordingly, always watering slowly and thoroughly so that the roots get the water.

2. That Fresh Fall Feeling

As September gives way to October, the first signs of fall arrive. Fall just might be the best time of year to landscape your yard, thanks to mild weather, natural watering, and the reward of fall foliage. Toward the end of September, get in the fall spirit with five fall annuals we love and five landscape investments for the fall enthusiast. Still need some convincing? See our top seven reasons to upgrade your landscape for fall.

3. Winter Landscape Prep

Your landscape needs some serious attention before winter hits. Not only does winterizing help your lawn and plants survive the cold temps; it also helps them spring back to life come May. While early October may be the official irrigation winterization window, September is when you will put the wheels in motion to be ready for the process. Plus, your irrigation system is only one component of winterizing your landscape. See the rest of the winter prep checklist, including your lawn, garden, trees, and outdoor space.

4. The Real Spring Forward

What if we told you that you could start planning for next April, this September? It’s the closest thing to skipping winter! In landscaping, you always want to plan(t) ahead. When we say that spring starts now, we really mean it. In September, you’ll focus on core aeration and overseeding, which are technically winter prep tasks but ones that you’ll reap the benefits from in spring.

Core aeration helps your lawn’s soil soak up nutrients, water and oxygen by creating small holes to remove plugs or “cores” of thatch. It requires special equipment and expertise to aerate your lawn properly and efficiently so that you can enjoy a bright green lawn in spring.

Similarly, but separately, overseeding is the practice of planting new grass seed over existing turf to fill areas that might be thinning. It’s another great way to keep your lawn looking full and healthy.

With core aeration and overseeding complete by the end of September, you can then move on to fall décor. Come winter, it’s time to kick your spring dreaming (and doing) into high gear with design and build services. Think big!

Don’t let September slip away; it’s when the best landscapes are made. High Tech is here to help. Contact us for NJ landscape design, lighting, lawn care, tree services and more.

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