Deer Repellent

Protect Your Yard and Garden with Deer Repellent

Deer are beautiful animals, but they can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Here in New Jersey, homeowners often find white-tailed deer eating their flowers, shrubs and herbs. In fact, there are very few plants deer won’t eat.

It’s difficult to keep deer from finding their way onto your property. They’re smart, nimble and quiet. However, you can keep them from chomping through your yard and garden with professional deer repellent services from Integrated Plant Health Care Systems (IPHCS).

DIY Deer Deterrents Rarely Work

When you first spot deer (or signs of deer) eating your plants, you might Google ways to keep deer away. Some articles will tell you to build a large fence, while others will suggest auditory signals set off by sensors, or brand-name repellents you can buy at a home improvement store. There are even recommendations to spray the urine of a coyote or wolf to trick deer into thinking there is a predator in the area.

All of these solutions come with inconveniences, not to mention a high likelihood of failure. You might see initial results, but deer will go to great lengths to find food and are intelligent enough to navigate their way around DIY deer control.

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Keep Your Landscaping Safe, Without Harming Deer

IPHCS provides deer repellent that keeps your plants, family and pets safe, without bringing harm to deer. After all, they are graceful, peaceful creatures that deserve to roam freely – as long as they’re not feasting on your plants and making your habitat theirs!

First, we will visit your property to determine the extent of the problem and create a customized plan. From there, we will visit on a regular schedule and mist specially formulated deer repellent throughout your landscaping, and around the perimeter. The solution is safe for all plants, and we provide our deer repellent service year-round so that deer never sense an opportunity to stop by for a snack.

Contact us to take the first step toward a safe, healthy, deer-free yard and garden.

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