Snow & Ice Management

High tech landscapes' proactive approach to commercial snow removal and ice management

When the winter months promise to bring snowy and icy conditions, High Tech Landscapes, Inc. has a full team of professionals available to deal with the fallout.  Landscaping is no longer just a seasonal business at High Tech Landscapes, Inc.  Incorporating commercial snow removal and ice management into our line of landscaping services allows our departmentalized company to come together as one for a hands-on, pro-active approach. Assigning a project manager to each property allows us to give each commercial site the personal attention it deserves. By employing our full fleet of over 150 trucks for commercial snow plowing and management and using the latest technologically advanced products, we are able to dedicate our maximum efforts to clearing roadways and walkways.

Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Start Before the Flakes Do and Continues Well After

High Tech Landscapes, Inc. is connected with an advanced weather service for up-to-the- minute details on any emerging or ongoing weather event across the state of New Jersey. For you, we suggest keeping at eye on AccuWeather Snow Warnings. We provide each property with a team of well-experienced professionals who not only keep detailed storm records, but who also are readily committed to accident prevention. Procedures like documenting temperatures, receiving condition reports, allotting specific times and locations where equipment and material are to be used, and ensuring on-site personnel follow strict arrival/departure times are all in place to guarantee accountability to every inch of your property.

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Property Types:

Homeowner Associations, Commercial Properties, Industrial Properties, Retail Shopping Centers, Corporate Parks, Medical Centers, Educational Facilities

Weather Records/Resources:

I*On Weather Maps
Snow maps for specific conditions to each area affected by a storm

Weather Works
Emailed reports, forecasts and condition detail for Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey

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