August 2, 2021

7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Landscape for Fall

Fall in New Jersey is truly beautiful, especially when you can enjoy it in your own backyard. If you’ve been considering home improvements for your outdoor space, there’s no better time to take the leap. And if you’re yet to invest in your landscape, let the crisp breeze and crunchy leaves remind you how refreshing outdoor living can be. Here’s why we think fall is the ideal season for landscape design in NJ:

Summer’s End

The temps are hot, the storms are torrential, and you’re honestly just too busy to attend to housework. By the time summer is over, your landscape may be a little roughed up, even more so if you’ve been hosting backyard BBQs. In September, we feel hints of not only of fall, but also simply slowing down our lives a little. Take a few weeks in late summer or early fall to bring back the beauty in your landscape.

Back to School

You’ve had the kids running around the house all summer. Now, it’s back to school for them and back to serenity for you. Use the downtime to imagine your perfect fall getaway, and then bring it to life right in your backyard! Also keep in mind that landscaping prep runs a season or two ahead, so you’re planning and planting for spring during the fall months.

More for Your Investment

When you do outdoor living right, New Jersey is a three- and even four-season outdoor state (yes, winter included!). The more love you give to your landscape, the more joy it will give back to you. Even a relatively simple addition like a fire pit can multiply the mileage you get from your outdoor space beyond the summer months.

Stay at Home in Style

If your favorite fall activity is to get cozy and comfy, bringing that theme outside will allow you to double down on being a homebody. High Tech Landscapes can combine landscape design, build, lighting and planting to create your dream fall landscape. Sit by your new fire pit with some hot cider while reading a book and watching the leaves fall.

Family Gatherings

Looking for more family time than quiet time? Fall is when the gatherings kick into high gear. Get ahead of the holidays by setting up your outdoor space now. Our best recommendation for taking your hosting to the next level? An outdoor kitchen. It’s like adding a second living space to your home!

Fallll the Colors

If there’s one thing synonymous with fall, it’s foliage. The rustic colors make us appreciate nature and embrace change. You can complement the leaves with bright, seasonal flowers, too. Take a look at five fall annuals we love.

Creativity Awaits

From tried-and-trues to new trends, and from small accents to big projects, fall landscape design is all about finding that fall feeling. With an award-winning NJ landscaping company like High Tech, the process is fun and the possibilities are endless. Not sure where to begin? See our top landscape investments for the fall enthusiast and contact us to speak with a local landscape design expert.

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