October 10 2016
fall plants

5 Fall Annuals We Love

Fall will bring out the gardener in any homeowner, even those who haven’t previously taken up the hobby. New Jersey is an especially beautiful place to appreciate the season’s beauty, because the crisp yet comfortable weather offers ideal conditions for flowers that bloom in autumn. And some even last into winter!

Here are five of our favorite fall annuals:

By far the most popular fall flowers, mums mimic the season’s quintessential colors with bright pops of yellow, orange and red, plus purple and pink. If you’re looking for instant color, buy the fullest ones you can find. However, understand that they will only last a few weeks when you buy them full. For a more gradual unveiling, go for closed buds.

Autumn Sage
In contrast to mums, autumn sage has a thin and delicate aesthetic. It’s great for lining pathways, or for complementing your perennials. Our friends at Houzz offer a plain-and-simple guide to planting autumn sage. (Don’t forget to find us on Houzz, too!)

Ornamental Kale
Rustic is the common theme of fall, but ornamental kale breaks the mold with spring-like purples and pinks. The best part about this plant is that it will hold its own in the dead of winter. If you’re late to the fall color fest and want to make sure you get your money’s worth, ornamental kale is a great choice.

Pansies love mild-cool weather, which is why people often plant them in early spring or early fall. The benefit of planting in fall is that you get a quick dose of color for the season. The pansies will then weather the bitter cold just fine, en route to a magnificent spring bloom. Learn more about selecting and growing pansies on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

Violas are similar to pansies, just smaller. Home Depot says:

“Violas and pansies are very popular and inexpensive to purchase, and they look great in pots. They love colder weather.”

The shorter stature of violas also makes it easier to move them indoors if desired.

NJ Landscaping Experts
Fall foliage trips are not to be missed, but the season is even more charming when you have those same colors in your own backyard and around your home. Let High Tech Landscapes bring your landscaping to life this fall. We provide every residential landscaping service you might need, including design-build and fall gardening tips. Call us today at 732-564-4733, or email info@hightechlandscapes.com.