August 19, 2020

8 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

What can be more relaxing than sitting next to a fire pit on a summer evening? These fire pit ideas should warm your inspiration.

Creating an oasis in your backyard is one of the best ways to feel more relaxed. It’s as if you’re on vacation while at home! Turning your home into your personal getaway will save you from spending money traveling since you’ll never want to leave!

What’s the first step in building this backyard oasis?

You need to build a fire pit. An outdoor fire pit will ensure you can enjoy your backyard no matter what time of the year it is. During the colder months, your fire pit will become the perfect place to hang around and stay warm while relaxing outdoors.

During the hotter months, you can use your fire pit to help keep those pesky bugs away while you spend some time outside.

How can you get started?

You’ll first want to discover a few fire pit ideas and choose the one you think would go best in your own yard. Continue reading below for our list of 8 fire pit ideas!

1. Centered Around Swings

To get the most out of your fire pit, it’s essential to have optimal seating surrounding it.

Of course, you can always choose to place a few chairs around the fire pit, but to make it more luxurious you should center it around swings.

Swing benches that form a circle around the fire pit make the area inviting and cozy. You can add a few regular benches or chairs in there as well, but there’s no doubt everyone will fight over the swings. Add a few cushions for comfort, and pave the way from your door all the way to the fire pit area for an extra touch.

2. Doubles as a Coffee Table

When you build a fire pit on your deck or in close proximity to your door, it’s a great idea to create a fire pit that doubles as a coffee table.

This is the perfect idea for coffee or tea drinkers. Imagine waking up in the morning and walking right outside your door to find a nice cozy area to enjoy your morning beverage in.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you build a brick fire pit with a painted wood slab to place on top of it. You can remove the top as you please depending on what you want to use it for.

3. Doubles as a Grill

Are you more of a griller rather than a coffee drinker? Maybe you’re both! A fire pit that doubles as a grill is another great idea.

You can build a square fire pit using concrete bricks and then place a grill top on top of it to create a grill. When you’re done cooking your favorite BBQ meals, remove the grill top and roast some s’mores!

4. On the Table in a Bowl

Who says a fire pit has to be built into the ground? If you’re looking for a small fire to keep your hands warm and roast a few marshmallows here and there, then you might consider a fire pit in a bowl.

This type of small fire pit can be placed directly on top of any table and will work splendidly as a hand warmer and an insect repellent. To create an on-table fire pit, it’s essential to have all the right kinds of tools and supplies, so be sure to have the professionals help build on for you.

5. Squared Rather Than Circled

Circular fire pits are quite trendy. When you think of a fire pit, this is the shape you most likely envision, but we want you to think outside the box. Large square and rectangular fire pits are awesome if you plan to entertain often.

Their square or rectangular shape allows more people to sit around the fire without having to be on top of one another. It’s like a large outdoor table with a fire in the middle of it. Bricks are used to create large and stable walls for the pit.

6. Next to a Hot Tub

If you have a hot tub or jacuzzi in your yard, then you’ll want to consider having your fire pit built on the deck or stone paving right beside your hot tub. This is an ideal location because the hot tub and fire pit come together to create a spa-like atmosphere.

It also comes in handy when you get out of the hot tub on a cold night and can go straight to sitting next to the fire to stay warm.

7. Connected to a Bar or Countertop

Some fire pits can be built into a bar or countertop. The fire pit will rest closer to the ground, and attached to it is a raised countertop. This countertop or bar platform can be used to serve food and drinks on or to play a few card games.

You can have two countertops with the fire pit in the middle. This will help keep everyone warm while eating or sitting at the countertop or bar.

8. Down a Pathway Under Lights

To make the fire pit the focal point of your backyard, you can have a pathway built that attaches from your back door to your fire pit area. You should have lights installed along the pathway to help you navigate it at night.

You can also have a pergola built over the fire pit and add some fairy lights on there as well. It’ll create an enchanting environment that you might not ever want to leave.

9. Rounded With a Back

Why not be different from the rest? There are so many different ways to build a fire pit that it’s almost underwhelming to build one just like everyone else. You can do things a bit differently by having a round fire pit built with a high back on it.

A teardrop-shaped fire pit back with wood burning in the center is an attention grabber. Speak with your landscaping specialist about the different options you have.

What Will Your Backyard Fire Pit Look Like?

With so many different ideas to choose from, what will your backyard fire pit look like? Don’t feel restricted to choose one of these. Let them be an inspiration for you, and when you’re ready, call the professionals to get the project done!

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