September 1, 2018

Bring Back the Beauty in Your Landscaping This Fall

Summer can sure do a number on your landscaping. Between the kids being home from school, guests coming over for weekend cookouts, and your goal of soaking up every ray of sunshine possible, your outdoor space might not feel or look like your own come September.

During the waning days of summer, you have a window of opportunity to reclaim your landscape. With school back in session and the Shore out of season, spend some “you” time preparing for a refreshing, relaxing fall.

Fall Planting
Summer in New Jersey tends to linger into October, which can be frustrating for those who find themselves wanting a break from the heat. Luckily, late summer is the ideal time to plant fall annuals, so you can get in the spirit of the season even before the telltale signs arrive. Mums, pansies and violas bring bright pops of color, while ornamental kale and autumn sage add texture.

Outdoor Living
Summer isn’t the only season for being outdoors. In fact, many will argue that fall is much more comfortable. Whether you have a small garden, a sprawling backyard or an entire outdoor kitchen, spruce and switch up the setting for a new season. Many homeowners find a fire pit to be a particularly rewarding investment for fall, because it makes for a bonding centerpiece. Roast marshmallows, sip hot cider, and enjoy simple moments at home with your loved ones.

Garden Vegetables
Some veggies love to grow in cold weather. Lettuce, carrots, kale and beets are just a few of the early-to-mid-fall harvests in NJ (meaning you plant them in mid-summer). Late fall harvests include radishes and spinach. If you plan accordingly, you could make an entire salad with ingredients from your own backyard! And don’t forget, rosemary, thyme, mint and other herbs can be grown year-round, even in winter.

Autumn is the season of home accents. Every New Jerseyan can relate to the warm, fuzzy feeling of visiting a home improvement store during that first fall-like weekend and taking in the seasonal décor. Go on and let yourself leave with something you don’t necessary “need.” If it makes you happy, it has a place outside your home.

Fall Lawn Care
The thing to remember about landscaping is that you are always preparing for the seasons ahead. It might not be as fun and aesthetically pleasing as the projects above, but fall lawn care is absolutely crucial in order for you to have a bright, healthy lawn in spring. Core aeration and overseeding are two ways to protect your lawn against the harsh elements of winter. Learn more about these techniques here.

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