October 1, 2017

How to Winterize Your Landscaping

Fall is an extremely important time for your landscape. You want to do everything you can to protect your grass and plants from the wrath of winter so that they “spring” to life when warmer weather returns. Take the time to winterize your landscaping with the following steps.

Core aeration and overseeding are two ways to prep your lawn ahead of winter. Core aeration can be likened to poking holes in your lawn so that the soil can receive nutrients, water and oxygen. Overseeding means to plant new grass seed over your existing grass. See how these two processes work in our previous blog.

Your plants need some fall love, too. Be sure to remove and compost old plant matter so that diseases don’t have grounds to grow come springtime. This is also a good time to add mulch to smaller beds.

Deciduous shrubs should be covered before winter since they don’t like the cold. Meanwhile, evergreens make great focal points for your fall and winter landscaping. Watering all trees adequately is perhaps the simplest–but also the most significant–tip for fall and winter tree care.

Outdoor Space
Lastly, don’t forget to prep your deck or patio for the cold, wet weather. Bring in or cover any cushions that are prone to mildew, and make sure walkways are free of debris. And remember, winter doesn’t have to mean complete hibernation. A fire pit is the perfect backdrop for good company, hot chocolate and S’mores.

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