October 01 2018

Winterizing Your Irrigation System: How and Why it Works

New Jersey may be in the Mid-Atlantic geographically, but our winters are notably cold by any measure. With nearly half the year presenting the possibility of near or below freezing temperatures, homeowners in the Garden State need to prepare, or “winterize,” their irrigation systems accordingly.

What is Winterizing?
Winterizing is synonymous with “closing” your sprinkler system—but there’s a little more to it than that. Essentially, you need to remove all water from the pipes and sprinklers before the first frost in order to keep them from freezing and potentially bursting. Some people call this “blowing out” the sprinklers.

 Do I Need to Winterize?
If you live in New Jersey, the answer to this question is, undoubtedly, “Yes.” If your irrigation is not winterized, frozen backflow can cause a burst, leading to broken sprinklers and, worst of all, a sopping lawn come April when you first turn on the system. Prepare for winter so you can enjoy your lawn in spring!

From activating different sprinkler zones to setting the pressure to gradually turning on the compressor, winterizing an irrigation system can be a somewhat tedious task. There aren’t a lot of steps, but each step is absolutely crucial. For this reason, many homeowners choose to hire a professional landscaping company like High Tech to ensure their irrigation systems are closed properly.

 What Does Winterizing Do?
Winterizing protects your irrigation system, your lawn and, to a greater extent, your home. Oftentimes, the water from a pipe burst damages any combination of the garden, basement and siding. The costs to winterize are usually significantly less than repair costs from neglecting to do so. In our previous blog on the reasons to winterize your irrigation system, we noted that even a small backflow that freezes over will usually require a pipe replacement, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

When to Winterize
In New Jersey, the ideal time to winterize your irrigation system is in early October. This timing allows you to enjoy the remnants of summer while staying well ahead of the first frost. Contact High Tech today to schedule your irrigation closing and any additional winter preparation you might need. Hurry, winter will be here before you know it!