September 01 2021

Shasta Viburnum

Showy clusters of white flowers combine with oblong-shaped leaves to make Shasta viburnum a one-of-a-kind spring bloomer. Not only that; this deciduous shrub has year-round appeal, from distinct berries in spring to maroon leaves in fall and stately branches in winter. Shasta viburnum typically grows to about 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide. It’s […]

August 02 2021
know your plants Hydrangea


Summer flowers simply don’t get more stunning than the large clusters of color in hydrangeas. With more than 70 species of this flowering shrub across Asia and the Americas, you’ve likely seen and heard of hydrangeas—but how do you grow them? It’s best to plant hydrangeas in fall so they can get established for their […]

July 01 2021
know your plants Spirea 1


Comprising 100-some species of flowering shrubs, the Spiraea genus has its fair share of real estate in home gardens across the U.S. Spelled slightly differently than their genus name, spirea plants are known for being easy on both the eyes and the hands. They’re very simple to maintain, especially considering their colorful clusters of flowers. […]

June 01 2021
know your plants StJohnsWort

St. John’s Wort

Have a large backyard? Give it the look and feel of an open meadow by planting St. John’s wort. This flowering plant spreads fast and far with stems both above and below ground, which is why we recommend it more for sprawling spaces than smaller gardens. Originating from Europe and now found in most of […]

May 04 2021
Memorial Day Weekend 2021

5 Backyard BBQ Setups for Memorial Day Weekend 2021

We’ve come a long way since the strange and socially distanced summer none of us expected. In 2020, lockdowns and quarantines put a damper on Memorial Day Weekend events. Many people moved their plans from beaches, bars and boardwalks to their own backyards. In 2021, things are much better—but we’re not completely back to normal […]

May 04 2021
know your plants Lilac


You’ve heard of lilac, love its purple-pink flowers, and recognize its sweet scent—but have you thought about bringing this beloved shrub to your home garden? For all of their beauty and fragrant bliss, lilacs can be surprisingly easy to grow in New Jersey. Full sun and loamy soil are the main boxes to check when […]