September 1, 2022

5 Reasons to Get a Fire Pit for Fall

Looking to create that fall feeling in your backyard? With the right landscape investments, the perfect fall getaway won’t be far away. One of those investments in particular is always a hot trending item each fall—the fire pit.

If you’ve ever been to a fancy restaurant with offseason outdoor dining, you might have noticed how everyone wanted to be by the fire. Now, instead of going out against the crowd, you can have your own fire pit right outside your door! Here’s why you’ll be happy to have a fire pit in fall:

Feel the Warmth
Fall takes a little while to fully arrive, but once it does, the temperatures drop quickly. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to pack up your outdoor space and fully winterize your landscape quite yet. Fall is still a lovely time to be outside when you have the right attire and can sit by a fire. You might even find yourself sneaking some outdoor living into winter.

Light the Night
Lighting and ambiance go hand in hand. Just like natural light gives a calming effect during the day, the soft, flickering light from a fire pit soothes the soul at night. Once you get settled fireside, you can kick back and chat well into the night. It’ll be a much-needed break from watching TV or scrolling on your phone—though there’s nothing stopping you from bringing your phone or tablet outside and having an outdoor movie night under the stars if you’d like.

Host (Or Don’t)
Love to host in style and impress your guests with your gorgeous home? A fire pit is always a fan favorite. It’s an unexpected amenity that people just love. Be sure to make plenty of seating around the fire; most of the socializing will likely be centered there at some point. Rather have a quiet night? Your fire pit is every bit as useful in this case, too! Whether you want your evening to be relaxing, romantic or rejuvenating, fireside is the place to be.

Classic s’mores are a lost art since most homes don’t have open flames for cooking. When you add a fire pit to your outdoor space, you effectively reclaim roasted marshmallows. And if you’re hosting and roasting, your guests will be delighted by the unexpected delicacy. You can also fire up other, lesser known open flame roasting recipes over your fire pit. Just be sure to have it designed and installed by a professional for proper containment and safe enjoyment.

Spend More Time Outside
For the countless hours we spend indoors at work and at home, we can all make a concerted effort to embrace the outdoors a little more in our everyday lives. Nature gives us life, energy, and inspiration. And after all, you have your own outdoor space where fall is perhaps the most comfortable outdoor season of all. Take a look at a few backyard fire pit ideas and learn more about custom fire pits from High Tech.

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