4 Stages of Summer
May 3, 2022

The 4 Stages of Summer & How to Host Outside in Style

Summer in New Jersey can be somewhat of a drum roll. Emerging from winter, we have the always-unpredictable spring, which can deliver unexpectedly cold temperatures well into June when your mind is in summer mode. In New Brunswick, near High Tech Landscapes’ Branchburg headquarters, the record low in June is a near-freezing 40 degrees F on June 11, 1980.

Think July is safe? On July 2, 1982, New Brunswick started its Fourth of July weekend with a low of 45 degrees! Of course, summer always pulls through eventually. Here’s how to navigate the way and make the most of your outdoor space no matter what mood Mother Nature may be in on any given day.

Too Soon
It was truly, legitimately warm just an hour ago when the sun was out—but now it’s cloudy, windy, and uncomfortable. We’ve all been there. It’s even more of a letdown if you have guests over for what was supposed to be the perfect start to summer. This is when it’s helpful to have a fire pit so you can keep the get-together going outside as planned rather than corralling everyone inside. Take a look at these eight backyard fire pit ideas.

Full Swing
When summer does finally take hold, the switch seems to happen overnight. No more cold snaps. No extra layers. No question about it. We’re at least in the 70s, and more likely in the 80s, until or unless the news says otherwise. Once you’ve got your lawn looking lush and your outdoor furniture all set up, it’s time to take “control”—meaning insect control, weed control, and grub control. The little things (or lack of them) can make a big difference when you’re spending time outdoors. See how our Integrated Plant Health Care Systems division can help keep your landscape healthy down to the roots.

As the dog days of summer set in, it’s best to have your outdoor space fully equipped to beat the heat. If you have a pool, transform it into a poolscape. If you enjoy hosting a backyard BBQ, imagine having an entire outdoor kitchen. When it comes to outdoor living, it’s all about ease and simplicity. Happiness happens naturally. Keep in mind that your landscape design itself can enable summer comfort when you have thoughtfully designed features like a shade garden, fountain or waterfall. It can even be as simple as a large tree that provides a needed reprieve from the sun.

Cool Down
Sooner or later in September, the early signs of fall will make their way into a summer day. It’s bittersweet indeed, but don’t be too upset. You can keep enjoying every last bit of summer while slowly but surely transitioning your landscape to fall. And when the season does change all the way, you can still spend plenty of time outside. See our top five landscape investments for the fall enthusiast and contact us for year-round landscaping that will allow you to maximize summer, embrace fall, appreciate winter, and always be ready for that first warm day in spring.

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