April 1, 2017

New Jersey Poolscaping 101

There are pools, and then there are poolscapes. A pool is nice on its own, especially on a hot summer day. But a poolscape complete with flowers, plants and pathways–now that’s pure bliss. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect poolscape.

Start with Design
Whether you already own a pool or are looking to build one, gardening is actually the finishing touch to your poolscape. First, you want to create a complete experience to, from and around your pool. High Tech Landscapes offers full design-build landscaping services that can complement your pool, including:

  • Lighting
  • Patios & Walkways
  • Water & Fire Features
  • Retaining/Bench Walls & Stone Work
  • Outdoor Kitchens

Think Colorfully
While landscaping for curb appeal often centers on year-round perennials, the pool is built for spring and summer. That’s not to say you shouldn’t consider the aesthetics in fall and winter, but this is really a chance to go all out for pool season. Base your flower and plant selection on bright pops of color in spring and lush shades of green in summer.

Don’t Forget the Little Things
Poolscaping isn’t just about aesthetics; there is also an element of functionality. For example, some plants might bring much-needed shade during the summer. Many pool owners use container plants so that they can move them around and/or change out for different plants with ease. These are the types of things that a professional landscaping company can help you decide.

Know What to Avoid
A perfect poolscape has everything you want and nothing you don’t. Here are the things you don’t want:

  • Flowers that attract bees and wasps
  • Trees and plants with fast-growing root systems that can damage the structure around the pool
  • High-maintenance plants (The pool is a place to escape work, not create it!)
  • Plants with thorns or needles

Trust the Experts
As one of the top landscaping companies in New Jersey and the entire U.S., High Tech Landscapes is trusted as heavily for its design eye as its landscaping services. We take pride in helping New Jersey homeowners soak up summer in their own backyards. Contact us today to speak with one of our poolscaping professionals.

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