Great Fall Landscape
October 3, 2022

What Makes a Great Fall Landscape?

Summer is fun, spring is pretty, and winter can be cozy—but fall is everyone’s favorite season for scenery. And in New Jersey, you don’t have to go far to see the magic. In fact, you can bring that magic right to your backyard with these tips and some help from our team at High Tech Landscapes.

The Obvious: Foliage
Fall is synonymous with foliage. If you enjoy a scenic fall drive, imagine how blissful it would be to have all those colors and falling leaves outside your door. Take a look at five fall annuals we love and browse our Know Your Plants database to choose plants that dazzle in fall. Keep in mind that some of them—especially trees—will require you to plan(t) ahead, although there are always options to bring instant, natural, seasonal beauty to your outdoor space.

The Essential: Lighting
As the days get shorter, landscape lighting becomes a necessity to navigate the area around your home during the late afternoon and early evening. Necessity aside, lighting is also an opportunity to let your eye for design shine. Use lighting to spotlight certain areas, add warmth to your landscape, and capture the mood of fall. High Tech offers a variety of energy-efficient options for landscape lighting, including timers, motion sensors and LEDs. Our lighting designers will work with you to find the best solution for your home.

The Labor: Cleanup
Crunchy leaves are fun at first, but soon, they become debris. Rainy weather adds to the mess, turning that once-gorgeous fall foliage into an ongoing chore to clean up. It’s worth the effort to keep up on maintaining your landscape though, so you can fully enjoy the outdoors in fall before winter takes hold. Speaking of winter, it’s also important in fall to winterize your landscaping. This includes closing your irrigation system, core aerating and overseeding your lawn, attending to plants, and packing up outdoor furniture.

The Fun Part: Decorating
After the manual labor, there’s lighter, more creative work to love. Fall is all about the décor. Whether you like to go all-in on Halloween or keep it a little less spooky with just a few front porch accents, it’s easy to embrace the season, add curb appeal, and contribute to your neighborhood’s charm and character. Find fall accents at home improvement stores, farmers’ markets, and even some grocery stores that sell potted plants.

The Holidays: Hosting
We decorate our homes and design our landscapes not just for our own enjoyment, but also to host in style. Fall is the avenue to the holidays, and there’s no better place to wind down the year with loved ones than in the brisk fall breeze, in your own backyard. So, which fall landscape fits your style? Bring it to life with High Tech. Learn more about our residential landscaping services in NJ.

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