August 1, 2022

Which Fall Landscape Fits Your Style?

The end of summer doesn’t have to be a bummer. Instead, let it be bittersweet. There’s plenty to look forward to in fall—and besides, aren’t you at least a little bit tired of sweating whenever you step outside?

When fall arrives, you’ll be able to spend just as much time outdoors and find your perfect comfort zone with layers. That’s why it’s a good idea to dedicate some time in late summer to prepping your landscape for fall. Here are a few common themes:

Peaceful & Private
Prefer to hang out at home after a long week of work? Ready to relax in fall after a busy summer? Look to your backyard for a breath of fresh air any and every day of the week. The right combination of trees, foliage and professional landscape design can create a subtle, natural sense of privacy that doesn’t feel like full isolation (unless that’s what you’re looking for). It doesn’t take much to stay at home in style.

Made to Entertain
Rather have company and keep the get-togethers going into fall? Your landscape can be hangout headquarters for football season and all the fall festivities. An outdoor kitchen is a game-changer for grilling—it’s even better than tailgating! Also consider a fire pit for when the temps get chilly, and don’t underestimate the importance of landscape lighting and walkways so your guests can navigate your outdoor space safely.

One with Nature
As much as we love the design-build side of landscaping, we’re always inspired and humbled by Mother Nature. If you’re a nature enthusiast—or if you’re looking for an easy way to reduce stress—fall is arguably the best season of all to embrace the outdoors. Start with five fall annuals that embody the colors of the season and explore our Know Your Plants database for more ideas. Keep in mind that in landscaping, you’re always planting at least one season ahead. (In other words, start now!)

Drawn to Water
Some of us have a simple wish in life: to be by the water. It could be an ocean, a lake, a river, or even just a stream. Sound like you? Bring the soothing sight and sound of water to your backyard! At High Tech, we design fountains, ponds, waterfalls and other custom water features. The combination of crisp foliage and trickling water will put your mind at ease and make it so you don’t have to go far to find that fall feeling.

Into Winter
Winter can be an outdoor season too when you do it right, but we understand if you’d rather hibernate when the weather goes from cool to cold. Either way, a thoughtful fall landscape allows you to enjoy outdoor living every day for as long as you’d like. If you are up for winter, that fire pit we mentioned earlier will be especially useful. Otherwise, you can spend winter planning for spring. Whatever your vision may be, High Tech is here to bring your dream landscape to life. See our seven reasons to upgrade your landscape for fall.

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