August 3, 2020

Cozy Fall Landscaping Ideas to Stay at Home in Style

True to the course of 2020, fall looks to be a little different this year. With travel curtailed, many fall festivals canceled, and fear of what experts suggest could be a combined flu and coronavirus season looming ahead, many homeowners are preparing to hunker down for fall and winter.

The first stay-at-home orders this past spring probably caught you off guard. If you found yourself feeling stir-crazy, perhaps your house could use a few improvements to feel more like a home? Look to your outdoor space for the peaceful, private retreat you need this fall and consider how these investments can change your idea of being “stuck” at home.

Mood Lighting

Fall is a whole mood. The shorter days, softer light, crisp breeze and autumn leaves create a warm, relaxing ambiance that you can play into with elegant landscape lighting. However, it’s not as simple as installing a fixture and flipping a switch. When it comes to true lighting design for your landscape, work with an expert who can advise on the various lighting styles, systems, timers, motion sensors, and energy-efficient options.

Fireside Nights

Pair mood lighting with a fire pit to melt away stress and embrace the sweater weather. You can host a safe, controlled bonfire with a few close friends or family members in early fall. Then, continue to use the fire pit throughout winter to warm your soul and roast marshmallows. High Tech Landscapes can build the custom fire pit of your choice, whether propane, brick, wood, or as part of a covered patio.

Private Produce Aisle

Looking for easy ways to limit your exposure to crowds? Make your grocery trips a little quicker by growing produce at home. New Jersey is known for its fertile soil and vast array of agriculture. Plan(t) ahead, and you can enjoy homegrown ingredients year-round. Don’t forget herbs as well; a dash of fresh basil or mint from your home garden can completely transform a dish.

Collage of Color

Everyone loves the colors of fall. While we would never try to deprive you of a scenic sightseeing drive, we’re big fans of bringing fall foliage to the backyard. We’re not just talking about trees and leaves; you can also plant fall annuals for pretty flowers. Mums, autumn sage, ornamental kale, pansies and violas are a few of our favorites.

Subtle Social Distancing

Even family members might now feel iffy on being too close to each other during get-togethers. Border plants, shrubs, container plants and stone work can serve as understated social distancing markers. With the right design, your guests might not even realize that they’re doing social distancing. It will just feel natural.

Looking to redesign or refresh your landscape for fall? Call High Tech. We’ll get your project off the ground fast, so you can stay safe and comfortable while catching plenty of fresh air. Plus, finance your dream outdoor space with a special offer when you book before October 30, 2020. Learn more.

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