March 1, 2022

Top Reasons to Leave Spring Landscaping Cleanup to the Pros

DIY projects are part of the joy in being a homeowner—but sometimes it’s best to get professional home services. When it comes to spring cleanup in your yard and around the outside of your home, residential landscaping companies like High Tech get the job done quickly, efficiently and beautifully. Sure, you can rake your yard and remove debris with your own two hands, but there’s much more to it than that. With spring yard cleanup, you have:

Lots to Do

Aside from leaves and debris, you’ll need to address weeds, garden beds, plants, mulch and many other tasks. The typical spring cleanup checklist is tedious and time-consuming with physical labor. It can be difficult to fit it all into your busy schedule. You might not realize the work required until after you’ve started when it hits you: “What have I gotten myself into?”

No Time to Waste

The ideal time to prepare for spring is in the heart of winter. Few homeowners realize this and even fewer uphold it. If you’re just getting started with spring prep in March, you are in a race against time! And if you start the project only to leave it unfinished, your first days of spring could be relegated to reliving the remnants of winter. Hire a professional landscaping company to beat spring to the punch.

Upgrades to Make

Why settle for simply cleaning up? Make your next spring your best spring by upgrading your outdoor space. When you choose a true landscape architect like High Tech, you can bring your dream landscape to life with a world of landscaping design-build services including patios, walkways, water features, fire features, outdoor kitchens and more. But don’t assume you need to swing for the fences to make improvements. Take a look at these smaller spring landscaping upgrades you’ll love.

Reason to Host

Everyone loves to get outside by April, but it can still be a little too cool—or, if it’s unseasonably warm, too crowded—to make an entire outing of it. With your own backyard oasis, you can invite your friends and family to celebrate spring the easy way. You’ll also have a natural segue into summer, so all your loved ones know where to go to soak up the sun in style. Bonus points if you transform your pool into a poolscape.

Spring Days to Embrace

When the spring cleanup is complete, you’ll be the first to emerge from winter. While the neighbors are spending early spring cleaning, you’ll be kicking back and enjoying those first warm days that make the season so refreshing. Ready to get started? Put down that rake and call High Tech today.

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