Spring for the Details
February 1, 2022

Spring for the Details: 5 Simple Spring Landscaping Upgrades You’ll Love

Believe it or not, winter is the ideal time to invest in your landscape. How could the coldest months be the best for making outdoor upgrades? When you spend winter prepping for spring, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy that first warm day instead of doing yard work. Not only that; staying busy will help the time fly so spring arrives sooner. And, you don’t have to bundle up for those winter projects if you hire a professional landscaping company like High Tech.

We encourage and enable all of our fellow New Jerseyans to think big for spring and get started in winter. That said, if a major undertaking feels overwhelming, there are some smaller, simpler things we can do to still give your outdoor space a noteworthy refresh.

Front Steps

Designing your dream landscape starts with curb appeal. And remember, you can get visible results without necessarily uprooting your entire front yard. Consider installing pavers on your front steps or redesigning your stoop with elegant stone steps. Guests will know they’re about to enter a beautiful home, and your entire block will get the benefit of your eye for style. Your new front steps may even be the gateway to bigger ideas for better curb appeal.

Low Voltage Lighting

Landscape lighting is a world of its own, with gorgeous fixtures made possible by smaller, low voltage bulbs. In addition to opening up all sorts of unique designs, low voltage lighting is longer lasting and more energy-efficient than standard bulbs, which means the switch can potentially help you save on your energy bill. It also shines a softer light that makes your home a whole mood at night.

Pool Plantings

Have you heard about the difference between a pool vs. a poolscape? The latter creates an oasis and takes your home to the next level for hosting those backyard BBQs in summer. What we really love about a poolscape is that it comes together naturally. Let High Tech help you choose low-maintenance, high-reward plants that color your landscape in spring and summer. Pool plantings can be a great way to add privacy as well.

Retaining Wall

If you have a hilly backyard and want to create more space for entertaining, the solution is a retaining wall. These walls can be surprisingly aesthetic, given their primary function of supporting soil on a slope. High Tech designs and builds custom retaining walls using quality materials that match your environment while providing important structural support, erosion prevention and possibly flood mitigation.

Patio-to-Lawn Paving

When you’re walking around the exterior of your home, are you walking on steps or grass? Especially if you frequently host sizable gatherings in which guests are freely moving about your outdoor space, a walkway from the patio to the lawn makes all the difference both for the safety of your guests and the look of your lawn. You show the path, and we’ll build the pathway.

It’s great to see the big picture, but that doesn’t mean you need to envision a grand transformation upfront. You can get started with smaller projects and treat each one as a stepping stone to the next. Contact High Tech today to see how approachable landscape improvements can be.

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