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April 1, 2020

Designing Your Dream Landscape Starts in This One Place, Every Time

Outdoor space should never go to waste—especially in New Jersey, where homeowners are able to enjoy the unique beauty that each season brings. But where do you begin? A modest backyard can feel like a massive undertaking to design and decorate. If you have significant space to cover, it’s even more daunting as you look out on a green grass canvas.

You can do this, and we can help. Better yet, we have the plain and simple answer to the question you’ve been asking yourself: “Where do I start?”

Curb Appeal

Don’t get too far into the weeds with the vision for your landscape. Start with the area everyone sees—your front yard and lawn. Curb appeal is the crown jewel of landscape design and a true contribution to your neighborhood. It also increases the value of your home.

By compartmentalizing your landscape first into curb appeal, you will have a more manageable project on your hands. That’s not to mention how inspired you will be to move forward with the rest of your outdoor space once you complete the front portion and see how transformative landscape design can be. Take a look at a few examples of New Jersey homes boasting serious curb appeal thanks to landscape design from High Tech:

Quick Curb Appeal Tips

Curb appeal is a fun and rewarding project that any homeowner can take on. Follow just a few starter tips and let your creative side shine.

  • Surround your home with color. There is no wrong combination of flowers…although taking a quick glance at a basic color wheel and creating contrast with colors on opposite sides of the wheel will make you feel like a pro!
  • A green lawn is a healthy lawn. There is no one lawn product that can match a complete turf care
  • See the light. Landscape lighting is not only essential for visibility but also charming as a design element.
  • Get crafty. Repurposed materials make great containers for plants! Use Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Pave a clear path. Well-thought-out landscape walkways complete your curb appeal by tying the overall design together with form and function.

When you are in the curb appeal mindset, you are naturally focused on aesthetics. However, there is another piece that you absolutely want to account for, and that’s safety. Lighting, paved walkways, front yard privacy, insect control, and ongoing maintenance should all be included in your plans. Read more on making your landscape safer and prettier at the same time.

Get Started

You’ve got the starting point. You’ve read the quick tips. Now, you are ready to bring your vision to life. Let High Tech Landscapes make it easier than ever for you to create curb appeal. Learn more about our residential landscaping services in NJ.

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