2021 SpringCleaningChecklist
March 19, 2021

2021 Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Landscape

Spring 2021 may be the most needed spring in history. After a snowy winter that saw a peak in the coronavirus pandemic and continued restrictions on the indoor activities that most of us turn to during the cold months, we are ready to get outside. Before you can enjoy your private backyard oasis in spring and summer, you first have to clean up the mess left by winter. Put down the duster; it’s time to bring spring cleaning outdoors and attend to the following:


Raking leaves might be more synonymous with fall, but it’s also a starting point for spring. Not only do the freezing winter temperatures wither away most foliage; the winds whip up the leaves, while the precipitation embeds them into the ground. Cleaning up any dead leaves will give you the instant sense of accomplishment you need to feel motivated for the next tasks.


In addition to leaves, plants create other debris such as branches and stems. You will also want to clear out any pinecones, which can be difficult to dispose of. Consider preserving those pinecones for fun crafts next fall!


After your landscape is free of winter debris, it’s time to attack any early weeds. Remember, once weeds begin to grow uncontrolled, they’re even more difficult to stop. Nipping them in the bud now and signing up for professional weed control can help you avoid a weed takeover come summer.

Garden Beds

Next, let’s look at your garden beds and borders. They’re probably pretty roughed up, too. You can get back to those crisp, sharp lines by taking some time to edge the garden beds. It’s a little tedious, but not physically demanding and possibly somewhat therapeutic once you get in the zone. All it takes is an edger tool and the patience to cut the necessary lines into the soil, refining as you see fit for existing beds and removing turf for any new ones.


If you’re reading this and it’s already spring, you’re running late to plant the seeds that make the season so beautiful. Don’t worry; there’s still time! But don’t wait, either. See some of our favorite spring and summer bloomers to bring bright pops of color to your landscape.


Mulch is a landscaper’s best friend, and for more reasons than one. First, it helps plants retain water more effectively. Meanwhile, it provides excellent aesthetics. Bonus: it also inhibits weed growth. A little bit of mulch will go a long way toward a healthy and vibrant landscape as spring blossoms. Be sure to keep mulching in summer to counter the sizzle.

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