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May 3, 2019

11 Plants That Bloom All Summer Long

Do you love the ambiance of summer flora? Do you want to plant some trees or flowers in your garden that bloom throughout the year? If you want to find out which plants are best able to answer these questions, then you are in the right place. Flowers and plants in your garden enhance the ambiance of your house by spreading positive energy and scent to the entire area. The great challenge that most people face is during the summer season that dries out the plants with excessive heat and lack of rain. You can actually grow the following plants in your garden, which can survive the summer season easily while maintaining an appropriate and beautiful ambiance:

know your plants WavePetunia

1. Petunia

Petunias are usually considered to be the best plant that thrives throughout the growing season, starting in the spring and continuing to the winter months. Hybrid petunias, commonly known as “Purple Wave”, offer trailing habits which are considered to be more versatile in nature. It has the ability to produce flowers throughout the year irrespective of the season. The color of the original petunia flowers were initially deemed purple, but now they can be produced in a variety of colors, such as pink, blue, red or even creamy white.

know your plants ProfusionZinnias

2. Zinnias

This type of flowering plant usually loves the warmth and can be grown in the summer planting season. They are considered to be reliable when it comes to handling the temperature and can fill your garden with flowers that will last for longer periods of time. This plant also provides you with a choice of types of flowers you wish to grow, such as small-sized flowers, daisy-kinds of zinnias producing a single flower, pom-pom kinds of flowers which are generally large in size, and many more. The dwarf kinds of zinnias make better bedding plants or when used around fences.

3. Gaillardia

This is another type of flower which is best grown in the summer season. The best feature of this flower is that it will thrive even in soil of poor quality with ease, even if it is not watered on a daily basis. Though this plant only lives for a short period of time, returns yearly to enhance the beauty of your garden.

4. Globe Amaranth

This beautiful plant, with a paper-like petal, lasts for a longer period of time and can be easily grown in your gardens. You can choose from red, lilac, white, purple, or pink colored flowers in order to show extensive color in your garden. As this plant needs complete or partial shade and a moderate amount of water, it is known to be best grown in the summer and watered often.

5. Sea Holly

This plant appears to be so exotic in appearance that people are easily attracted to your garden. You will definitely love the color of the leaves, which are actually a mixture of silver and blue. It requires complete sunlight to grow and an average amount of water, hence it is considered amongst the top when it comes to summer flowering plants.

know your plants Daylily

6. Stella de Oro Daylily

Without a doubt the daylily will enhance the beauty of your garden and will grow extremely well in the summer season. As the name suggests, daylilies only last until the sun sets. It is advisable to grow Stella de Oro Daylilies which have a lasting lifespan of up to five months. Daylilies do require as much sunshine as possible with regular watering to thrive.

7. Evergreen Candytuft

This beautiful flowering plant has flowers that are white in color. It grows in the early spring season and lasts up to the winter season. The beauty of this plant will require sharing as everyone will want one of their own. The evergreen candytuft does require plenty of sunshine and regular watering for successful growth.

know your plants BlackEyedSusan

8. Brown-Eyed Susan

The flowers of this plant are the main attraction of any garden. This plant generally yields yellow flowers or to some extent orange flowers and has a large dark brown to black center. It does require regular watering and full sun to grow.

9. Joe Pye Weed

This wildflower attracts a lot of beautiful butterflies and birds due to its height of five to seven feet. It requires abundant water and full sun to grow at its best and tallest.

know your plants EchinaceaMagnus

10. Purple Coneflower

Offering similar characteristics to that of the brown-eyed Susan plant, this plant grows to a height of four inches. It blooms the best during the summer season, especially in the midsummer and right into the autumn season. You have to water this plant regularly and offer plenty of sunlight for proper growth.

11. Marigolds

This flower definitely enhances the beauty of your garden and creates a magnificent ambiance in your garden or house. Typically gifted with yellow or orange colored blooms, this flower has the ability to lighten up your garden, bringing it up to the next level. Marigolds thrive with plenty of sunlight and access to regular watering.

Flowers bring color and fragrance to a garden or home. If you add to your garden each year it is always easiest to not have to replant or to use the same flowers that will bloom long term. This post has explored options in both areas to make sure your garden blooms bright when you can enjoy it most.

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