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November 11, 2019

Outdoor Living: Give Thanks Year-Round

Oftentimes, the best memories in life are the simplest—like lounging around on Thanksgiving Day, snacking, sharing stories, and anxiously awaiting the feast. While the holidays are undoubtedly the heart of family time, life is too short to wait for November each year to cherish the people you love. Find quality time year-round by building your backyard into a gathering place.

Fall: Holiday Hosting
When you have a beautiful outdoor space, your friends and family afar won’t hesitate to come to you during the holiday season. That’s not to say you need something to lure them! Of course, they want to visit; it’s just that the holidays are busy and travel is tough. Make it worth the trip and embrace arguably the finest time of year to be outside. Be sure to add some eye candy with these fall annuals.

Winter: Marshmallow Roasting
Many people ditch their backyard in winter because they assume it’s too cold out. But with a fire pit, it’s like “glamping” right outside your door. You’re all bundled up wherever you go anyway; might as well make the most of it and show Old Man Winter that he can’t keep you inside 24/7. Invite your friends over on a milder afternoon for roasted marshmallows, hot tea, and good company.

Spring: First to Thaw
Remember, the time to prepare for spring is in winter. Take advantage of the downtime—not to mention, stave off cabin fever—by planning ahead. From our previous article on the top reasons to think spring landscaping in winter:

“Using winter as the prep window for spring also allows you to take your time and enjoy the creativity that comes with landscaping. You can be deliberate with your decisions around plants, hardscaping, and other features, without feeling like you’re losing the few months of warmth we’re entitled to as New Jerseyans.”

Better yet, your work in winter will pay off when you have everything set to enjoy that first day when the temp hits 70 (and all the rest that follow as spring hits full swing).

Summer: No Reservation Needed
Who would have thought you’d spend all this time outside before summer ever arrived? Now, you’re primed to make the most of the warm weather and long days you’ve been waiting for. Kick your backyard BBQ up a notch with an outdoor kitchen. Turn your pool into a poolscape. Make your own herb garden. The possibilities are endless.

Everything you do for your landscape brings joy and delight to your loved ones. Tell us your vision and we’ll help bring it to life. Need some inspiration? Browse our gallery!

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