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January 1, 2019

Top Reasons to Plan Your Spring Landscaping in Winter

In landscaping, winter means spring. The more you plan ahead, the sooner spring will arrive outside your home. Plus, you’ll get to spend the season enjoying your outdoor space rather than working on it. Picture it now: You’re soaking up the sun on that first warm day—reading and lounging, rather than pulling and planting. If that’s not enough to get you inspired, here are the top reasons to start planning your spring landscaping in winter.

Better Scheduling
By the time the whispers of spring being in the air begin, your favorite landscape architect’s schedule has probably filled up considerably. If you have a design-build project in mind—such as a patio, poolscape or outdoor kitchen—winter is the ideal time to book your desired company and a time frame that is convenient for you.

Pass the Time
During the long stretch of winter, we all daydream about the reward of spring and summer. The problem is that doing so tends to make winter feel even longer. Instead of wishing, we can be working—and when we’re spending winter working on your vision for when spring finally arrives, the time can fly like you never thought possible. Trust us and try it!

Enjoy the Process
Using winter as the prep window for spring also allows you to take your time and enjoy the creativity that comes with landscaping. You can be deliberate with your decisions around plants, hardscaping and other features, without feeling like you’re losing the few months of warmth we’re entitled to as New Jerseyans. If you wait until spring is in full swing to get started, you could very well find yourself looking to the following spring—a full year down the road—as the one for which your space will be ready to host a bright and sunny get-together.

First to See Spring
When you plan ahead, you’ll have little to do in April other than wait for that blissful feeling in the air to arrive and embrace the natural beauty that follows. Ready to turn this winter into spring planning? Contact High Tech Landscapes today!


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