November 1, 2018

In Landscaping, Winter Means Spring

Winter might seem like a dormant time for your landscape. However, the barren trees aren’t as hopeless as they may seem, and spring will always follow. The most common mistake homeowners make is letting their landscaping slip during the cold months. Not only are there plenty of ways to make winter a little more colorful, but there are also many tasks to prep for spring. Even in December, you can and should be setting the stage for April.

Why Do We Winterize?
Winterizing, or closing, your irrigation system is a must in the Mid-Atlantic, due to the freezing temperatures from December through potentially March or April. While the immediate purpose is to keep pipes and sprinklers from freezing, the end game is to avoid a sopping lawn when you first turn the system on in spring. Other aspects of winterizing your landscape—such as core aeration, overseeding, and covering deciduous trees and shrubs—all have April implications as well.

Plan(t) Ahead
The seeds of spring are planted in winter. In New Jersey, spring staples like sweet pea, pansies and calendula are all best planted from December-February. So, don’t wait for that fresh tinge in the air to start planting your favorite spring flowers! The residential landscaping experts at High Tech can help you figure out when to plant what, as some spring bloomers do actually need the ground to thaw prior to being planted.

The Best Time to Build
Looking for a way to beat the winter blues? Imagine your dream outdoor space, and then hire a landscape architect like High Tech to bring it to life. From walkways and lighting to water and fire features, patios and outdoor kitchens, anything is possible. A New Year also brings a perfect opportunity to create a landscaping budget for your spring and summer wish list.

Late Winter Cleanup
As winter thankfully fades away, you can begin to bring your landscape back to life. Raking, pruning, removing debris, cleaning out planters and hosing down your hardscaping make for perfect tasks in March—when it’s just warm and sunny enough to want to be outside but just cold enough to keep you from wanting to be outside for long. Of course, this is also the time to plant any additional spring flowers that could not be planted earlier in winter.

Early Spring Enjoyment
When you use winter to prepare for spring, you not only pass the time, but also become the first to see and embrace those blissful signs of warmth. While everyone else is spending their spring trying to recover from winter, you can be lounging with your loved ones in your backyard oasis.

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