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The quality of your organization’s workmanship is judged before new clients, partners, and visitors even enter your building. We know this. So when your property’s exterior is finished, well groomed and vibrant, it appeals not only to those within the walls, but it earns that second glance and positive sentiment from every eye.

For commercial landscaping in NJ, High Tech Landscapes undertakes a proactive, hands-on approach to completing every project to your firm’s complete satisfaction. As a full service landscape company, we offer every service under the sun for your commercial landscaping needs, including Irrigation, Arboriculture, Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Design & Construction, and Snow Removal.

We also offer turf, tree and shrub care programs through our affiliate company, Integrated Plant Healthcare Systems, Inc. Our solutions are cost effective, energy efficient, and expertly executed—the industry standard for New Jersey.

With over 25 years of experience, we can provide an unparalleled combination of industry expertise and attention to detail. Our certified professionals, educated in the discipline of horticulture, enable you on the road to keeping your grounds healthy and exuberant. Every customer agreement is customized to meet your needs and budget.

Grounds Maintenance

Commercial Grounds Maintenance NJ - High Tech Landscapes

When your property’s exterior is finished, well groomed and vibrant, it appeals not only to those within the walls, but it earns a second glance and an opportunity for growth…

Irrigation Services

Commercial Irrigation Services NJ - High Tech Landscapes

Irrigation is essential for any property to enhance your landscapes’ appeal. Foster the beauty and performance of your lawn with an irrigation system installed by our certified technicians…

Landscape Enhancement Design

Commercial Landscape Design Somerset County NJ

By using the latest technology and staying educated within the landscaping field, our dedicated landscape designers can offer diverse enhancements to give your property the appeal it deserves…

Arboriculture - Tree Services

Commercial Tree Service NJ - High Tech Landscapes

Arboriculture is the care of trees and shrubs, particularly in urban settings. An arborist is a professional who cares for trees and other woody plants by pruning, fertilizing, monitoring for insects and diseases…

Snow and Ice Management

Commercial Snow Removal Somerset County NJ

When the winter months promise to bring snowy and icy conditions, High Tech Landscapes, Inc. has a full team of professionals available to deal with the fallout…

Lawn, Tree & Shrub

Commercial Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care Somerset County NJ

Integrated Plant Healthcare Systems, Inc. (IPHCS) understands that your property is like any other investment. It’s important to nurture so it continues to grow healthy and add value to your property…