NY Resolutions Landscape
December 1, 2020

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Landscape

Rather than look back on 2020 as the year of the coronavirus, maybe we can reframe it as something more optimistic—like a nudge to make meaningful home improvements. Many people have done just that, as 59% of respondents in a Bankrate survey said they made at least $500 worth of home upgrades during the pandemic or planned to before the end of the year.

Your personal outdoor space may be the best place to invest for 2021. In the process, you can pass the time productively and know you’ll soon be able to enjoy your investment.

Splendid Spring

Home gardeners use winter to prep for spring. Whether it’s as simple as choosing plants or as ambitious as a major renovation, you want to get it done during the cold months so you can kick back and relax during the warm months. After all, that’s what your outdoor space is for! See more reasons to plan your spring landscaping in winter.

Lush Lawn

The greenest lawn on the block; now that’s a New Year’s resolution anyone can embrace. Curb appeal is where enviable landscape design begins, and a gorgeous lawn is key. Remember that there’s no tricking or wishing your lawn into being green. It’s all about having truly healthy turf. We recommend a complete turf care program to cover every aspect of lawn health year-round.

Perfect Patio

If your patio was previously underutilized and underappreciated, the spring stay-at-home order might have sprung you into quick or low-cost upgrades. Take it to the next level in 2021 by building an even bigger and better patio. Don’t forget to include a walkway, both for safety and aesthetics. High Tech can help with your patio-plus-walkway combo.

Backyard BBQ

For some families, this Thanksgiving was briskly unique, with the feast taking place outdoors. The 2020 holiday season highlights the luxury of an outdoor kitchen. Imagine how much you would use it in spring, summer and fall. Instead of stressing about crowds and social distancing, your home can be the new hangout for good eats and good company.

Reliable Retreat

Most of all, 2020 reminded us that home is an important place. It’s where we feel safe and where we find comfort when the world feels crazy. Outdoor space makes home all the more special. At High Tech, we find deep gratitude in helping New Jersey homeowners discover the joy of a landscape that welcomes leisure and loved ones with simple glimmers of happiness. That’s why we’ve introduced our new financing option, so you can pursue your dream landscape with no interest when you pay in full within 12 months. Let’s get started today.

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