Staycation Ready for Summer
July 1, 2021

5 Steps to Make Your Backyard Staycation-Ready for Summer

Feeling fatigued from all that summer fun? Ready to enjoy a lazy summer day at home after returning from a big trip? Summer 2021 is an exciting time as we get back to the beaches, restaurants, boardwalks, family BBQs, and so many summer activities that were hampered last year. It’s enough to remind us why a weekend staycation at home can still be a little slice of summer heaven in between the adventures. Here’s how to get your outdoor space ready for the ultimate relaxation:

1. Imagine

Just like its interior, your home’s exterior is a blank canvas for you to make the space your own. Think beyond decorating, into the world of true landscape design and outdoor living. With an award-winning NJ landscape design company like High Tech, virtually anything is possible, from fountains to firepits to full outdoor kitchens. Take a look.

2. Invest

Don’t think of landscape design as a cost. More than a price, we’re your partner with a plan. A thoughtfully designed outdoor space is an investment that will add value to your home and gratitude to your life. And this summer, the design trends are really sizzling. Explore posh patios, bon-fire pits and more.

3. Maintain

Take care of nature, and nature will take care of you. Every landscape needs ongoing maintenance to keep plants green and the space clean. In summer, especially, watering can become a delicate and time-consuming task. See our summer watering tips, and if you’d rather leave it to professionals, learn about our local lawn, tree and shrub care services.

4. Invite

So, who’s coming over? The rewarding part of investing in outdoor living is hosting friends and family members in your beautiful backyard oasis. During summer, everyone wants to be outside; that’s why everything gets so crowded. When there’s a peaceful, private summer hangout right outside your door, that’s when you truly have it made in the shade (or sun, if you prefer).

5. Enjoy!

And without further ado, your staycation starts now. Invite everyone, or no one. Either way, you can kick back, relax, and soak up NJ summer while you recharge for your next outing.

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