June 1, 2021

Hot Outdoor Design Investments for Summer 2021

Ready to soak up the sun this summer? Planes, trains, pools, bars and boardwalks are back in business with minimal restrictions—but some of us still want to enjoy summer days lounging at home.

Maybe you transformed your patio during the pandemic and aren’t quite ready to venture too far from home. You learned to like the peace and quiet. Or you might want to host a family gathering in your backyard so everyone can reunite. Whatever the case may be, summer 2021 is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor space. Here are a few of the top outdoor living trends for the season:

Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen has long been one of the most alluring luxury amenities. Between being safer at home and safer outside, the pandemic only increased the appeal of having a fully functional kitchen outside. You probably learned some new cooking skills and recipes in quarantine, too. So, why not bring the entire kitchen outdoors for summer? See outdoor kitchen ideas.

Posh Patios

Most experts agree that “bringing the indoors outside” is the overarching theme for homeowners today. Seeking more than the standard patio, many people now want the equivalent of an outdoor living room, complete with furniture, accents, electronics, and refreshments. Take your patio to the next level.

Bon-Fire Pits

Everyone loves a summer bonfire, but it takes a lot of time and energy to plan a true bonfire. Install a fire pit in your backyard, and you can have a mini, controlled bonfire any time! Roasting marshmallows will become the norm rather than a novelty. Light the spark for your custom fire pit.

Greenery for Scenery

Designing your dream landscape comes naturally when you decorate with plants. Use trees and shrubs for subtle privacy, and flowers for bright pops of color. These summer bloomers are especially eye-catching. For year-round interest, search our Know Your Plants database.

Homegrown Veggie Garden
The pandemic reminded us how precious our health and homes are. These realizations lead us to our last suggestion to grow seasonal produce in your home garden. You can also easily grow herbs in virtually any sized space. Remember that you’re planting a season or two ahead, so summer will be the time to plant for fall and winter harvests.

Level up your summer landscape design in NJ with High Tech Landscapes. See all the ways we can turn your outdoor space into the new summer HQ.

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