July 24, 2020

Hot Summer Watering Tips to Keep Your Home Garden Hydrated

New Jersey might not be as sweltering as the South in summer, but we definitely have our fair share of scorchers. With average temperatures in the mid-80s, 20-some-odd days in the 90s, and a record high of 110 F, homeowners need to provide extra care to their landscaping during the summer months. If you’re feeling the heat, your plants probably are, too. Give them the water they need with these simple summer watering techniques.

1. Aim for Early Morning or Late Afternoon

When you water plants in the middle of a hot day, much of the water evaporates before penetrating the soil. Instead, water in the morning so those plants receive more and have the water they need for the day ahead. If you can’t fit a morning watering session into your schedule, your next best window is late afternoon. Just be sure to give the plants plenty of time for any water on their foliage to dry in order to avoid common plant diseases.

2. Water Slowly

In cooler weather, you can usually get away with a quick hose spray for watering. But when heat becomes a factor, it’s important to water deeply and thoroughly. We want the water to reach the roots. That means the soil will be fully saturated, but not waterlogged. To achieve the right balance, water slowly, take a short break, and top off. Repeat this process multiple times if necessary. Watering correctly will allow you to water less frequently—eventually saving time, all things considered.

3. Assist with Absorption

Mulch is an absolute must in summer. We recommend organic mulch, such as shredded wood chips, sawdust, grass clippings or tree bark. Layer a few inches over the top of the soil, and that’s it! The mulch will help your plants retain water more effectively, and also reduce evaporation.

4. Give Special Attention

Every plant in your landscape has unique H2O needs. Your lawn should receive roughly an inch of water per week. Newly planted trees usually require much more water than older trees because they are expending more energy to establish their roots. When it comes to your garden, things can really get intricate. Take diligent care of your landscape, and it will reward you with the joy of outdoor living. See our quick guide to watering the right plants, at the right times, with the right amounts.

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