summer watering
July 1, 2017

Quick Summer Watering Advice for Every Part of Your Landscape

It’s hot out there. Humans need water to survive those sizzling summer days, and plants are no different. That said, it’s just as easy to overwater your plants unknowingly as it is to accidentally forget to water them. Where is the happy medium? High Tech Landscapes is here to offer the advice you need in order to keep your lawn, trees and garden watered at the right amounts throughout summer.

Your lawn should receive roughly an inch of water per week. Be sure to check your sprinkler system every now and then to ensure it is working properly and efficiently. If you notice that your lawn is oversaturated, you might consider skipping a cycle or two, both to prevent overwatering and to conserve.

Trees typically prefer a more thorough watering rather than more frequent waterings, and newly planted trees usually require much more water than older trees because they are expending more energy to establish their roots. Don’t be afraid to soak the soil around your trees, as long as you are only watering every month or so. Anything more can become detrimental. Need help? Check out our tree service.

Each of your flowering plants and vegetables has its own watering preferences that you should follow. For most, two to three waterings per week will do, even in summer. You can always use a couple of foolproof tests to determine if it’s time to water. The first is to feel the soil; if it’s dry, that’s an indication that the plant needs water. The second is to keep an eye out for the “indicator,” or the first plant to show signs of wilting.

Houseplants need love, too! They can be treated similarly to those in your garden – roughly two to three waterings per week, feeling for dry soil whenever you’re uncertain. Also keep in mind that if you turn off your AC while you are away, your home can become extremely hot and cause your houseplants to need more water than they normally would.

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Watering plants is a science that we have perfected over our decades providing residential landscaping services to New Jersey homeowners. There are many more nuances to learn, and every landscape should have a customized watering program. To learn more about our irrigation services, click here.

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