March 1, 2019

What to Do About That Snowy Mess

Snow is pretty while it’s fresh, but quickly loses its charm once it begins to melt and mix with dirt. Through the temperature swings of March and April, you might find yourself growing tired of the unsightly snow patches that dot your yard and garden—or, in the case of a late-season storm, the winter scenery that makes its way into spring. What do you do and where do you start? Here’s a quick guide:

Assess the Damage
Everyone loves to run outside after a winter storm, so go ahead and channel the urge toward inspecting your landscape. Look for broken tree limbs, bent branches or fallen plants, and remove any noticeable debris (keeping in mind basic safety precautions, of course). Don’t worry too much about the snow itself, though; it won’t do as much harm as you might think.

Sweep Shrubs and Plants
Some people will simply shake a shrub to free it from snow, but the better method is to sweep it gently with a broom using upward strokes. This way, you don’t do any additional harm to an already-vulnerable plant. While you’ve got the broom handy, you can also sweep up leaves and other small debris.

Let the Lawn Thaw
Your lawn can handle the snow alone, but it needs some rest to recover while the white stuff melts away. Try to minimize foot traffic during this time. Otherwise, you risk bending, breaking or uprooting the frozen blades. Boots also expose saturated, snow-covered grass to salt, chemicals, and even diseases. Don’t shovel, either; doing so will most certainly tear up your lawn. Just let it be.

Prepare for Spring
We can’t stress enough that you do not need to force the issue when it comes to clearing your landscape of snow and ice. Aside from general cleanup, the time is better used to plan your spring landscaping. What’s on your wish list for when the warm weather finally arrives? Call us at 732-563-7370 to get started!

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