January 1, 2018

Winter: The Time to Start Your Spring Wish List

There is no better way to beat the winter blues than by planning your spring landscaping. Not only do the visions of blue skies and colorful flowers warm the soul, the tasks involved in preparing for spring also pass the time. Even if the trees are barren and the grass is frozen, think of what the perfect spring day looks like to you, and put the wheels in motion to bring it to fruition come April.

Spring Annuals
One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is waiting for spring to plant spring flowers. While some spring flowers do indeed need the ground to thaw before they can be planted, many spring annuals must be planted in winter in order to bloom in spring. Popular picks like sweet pea, pansies and calendula are all best planted in the dead of winter. The residential landscaping experts at High Tech can help you figure out when to plant what for a fantastic spring showcase.

Flower Beds & Accents
Your garden offers endless opportunity for you to be creative, not just in the plants you choose, but also in the planters and pots you plant them in. Whether you’re going for a rustic countryside theme or something more bohemian, put thought into the little things than can make a big visual impact on your landscaping. There are also all sorts of fun DIY projects to consider.

When the weather turns warm, everyone runs outside – and with good reason. Ensure your family and guests have safe passage and easy access around your home by investing in patio and walkway design. High Tech also specializes in other aesthetic-yet-functional features, including landscape lighting and retaining walls. Design-build projects are better completed in winter so you can enjoy your outdoor space from spring through fall.

Outdoor Living
Whether you have a modest backyard or a luxurious pool, outdoor living is the essence of spring – especially here in New Jersey, where we endure cold winters before we are able to enjoy the outdoors. From outdoor kitchens to water and fire features to grand poolscapes, High Tech can bring your dream spring hangout to life.

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