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Expert tree care services by High Tech Landscapes' arborists

Arboriculture is the care of trees and shrubs, particularly in urban settings. An arborist is a professional who cares for trees and other woody plants by pruning, fertilizing, monitoring for insects and diseases, consulting on tree service related issues and occasionally planting, transplanting and removing. With a team of arborists, we are a complete NJ tree service company.

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Importance of NJ Tree Service

Maintenance for your property’s trees is critical to ensuring their health and longevity. A healthy tree can live well over one hundred years and add decades of picturesque beauty to your home or business property. Trees help regulate our climate, purify the air we breathe, provide nutrients to the soil, and give animals a home. Their benefits to our environment are endless, and their care must be made a priority with a proper tree service.

If neglected, a tree can become a burdensome problem for your landscape. Our in-house professionals provide annual tree inspections to monitor, observe and care for your trees. Disease and infestation prevention require a proactive approach, which we employ. Through proper pruning, deep-root fertilization and our full line of tree services, our experts can keep your trees looking vibrant year after year.

Our NJ Tree Services:

  • Deep-root fertilization
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Tree & Shrub Relocation
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Cabling/Bracing
  • Storm Damage

Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

Our professionals use extreme care to help nature take its course and truly shine in your property setting. Our in-house experts can determine the proper course of action efficiently and provide the top-level tree and shrub care your foliage needs.

For a full-service landscape maintenance, please visit Integrated Plant Health Care Systems.

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