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July 1, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal This Summer

New Jerseyans rejoice – summer is finally here! With the warm weather and sunny days in full swing, you might notice your neighbors making home improvements. Summer is a great time to invest in your home’s curb appeal, and it doesn’t take a big undertaking to make a big visual impact. Here are a few simple ways to upgrade your curb appeal this summer:

  1. Add Some Color
    Everyone loves colorful flowers. Even if you’ve missed out on the spring bloomers, there are still many summer flowers that can bring magnificent colors to your front yard straight through to fall. Plant them along walkways and around your home to create a completely colorful experience for your visitors from the moment they step onto your property.
  2. Light the Path
    Landscape lighting is first and foremost a necessity, but it’s also an opportunity for creativity. You can illuminate the best features of your home with unique solutions from High Tech, including LEDs and motion sensors.
  3. Reclaim and Repurpose
    Reclaimed wood, old crates, trays, mason jars and other repurposed items can add subtle touches of charm to your yard and garden. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an antique enthusiast, you will be surprised at how addictive repurposing can be. Need some inspiration? Check out HGTV’s 15 Clever Ways to Start Seeds.
  4. Plant Trees
    Trees provide much-needed shade in summer en route to rustic-colored foliage in fall. And with High Tech’s tree services, you can have a professional arborist come to your home regularly to ensure your trees remain healthy year-round.
  5. Maintain Your Lawn & Garden
    Oftentimes, curb appeal is as simple as having a bright green lawn and well-maintained garden. If you’d rather be out doing other things this summer, you can hire a professional landscaping company like High Tech to take care of your lawn and garden for you. Learn more about our integrated plant health care services.

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