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June 1, 2019

Quick Landscaping Tips for the Home Stretch to Summer

April showers, May flowers…and June heat waves.

When spring gives way to summer, your landscaping to-do list grows even longer. Let’s get ready for the season ahead with a brief refresher on what summer means for homeowners who have a yard and/or garden.

The Right Way to Water More

Even though you may think your plants have received enough water to last through summer, once we get a few days of 90-degree temperatures, those plants will need more water. However, watering more means watering more thoroughly—not necessarily more frequently. The best way to do this is to water slowly. Then, walk away for a few minutes and come back to water a little more. You want the soil to be fully saturated, at least 6 inches deep, to ensure the roots are collecting and storing the water. See more summer watering tips.

Controlling Summer Fungus

The bliss of a summer garden can quickly dissipate when summer fungus arises. Powdery mildew, in particular, spreads very quickly and can force you to part with your plants. To reduce the risk of summer fungus, keep your garden well-maintained and consider choosing disease-resistant plants. Also be sure to prune regularly, and water in the mornings so that the soil does not sit damp through humid summer nights. Learn more about finding and treating summer fungus.

Weed Control & Lawn Care

Weeds are perhaps the most widespread summer nuisance. Broadleaf and crabgrass grow prolifically in late summer and can be difficult to completely eliminate once they have popped up. Mowing your lawn at a higher height in summer is a great DIY trick for keeping weeds away, however, a professional turf care program is a must if you truly want to minimize weed growth.

Creating Shade

Even plants that prefer full sun will begin to struggle in the summer heat. Whenever high temps and sunny days are in the forecast, consider covering your plants with shade cloth. This material is available at just about any home improvement store and comes in many different styles offering different levels of shade. For natural shade, a beech tree or red maple can add much-needed levels to your landscaping. Height not only brings shade, but also adds an eye-catching element to any landscape design.

Enjoying Summer Colors

Spring gets all the credit for flowers, but summer can certainly be colorful, too. There are many plants that bloom all summer long, from petunias to marigolds to brown-eyed Susans and more. Add bright pops of color against deep green foliage for a lively and eye-catching display.

Hosting in Style

Summer landscaping is a lot of work. Why not leave it to the pros at High Tech? That way, you can focus on hosting the perfect backyard BBQ. Learn more about our residential landscaping services and contact us today.

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