July 01 2016

Summer Watering Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy in the Heat

New Jersey summers can be sweltering and stifling. While many plants thrive in the warm months, the peak heat in July, August and September isn’t always conducive to the beautiful garden you were imagining all winter and enjoying all spring. Use these watering tips to ensure your plants stay healthy in the summertime heat.

Water More Thoroughly
Your instinct during a heat wave might be to water more frequently. Although an extra watering or two during this time might be beneficial, it’s more important to water deeply, evenly and thoroughly. To avoid waterlogging, water slowly, leaving for a few minutes and coming back to top off. This allows the water to fully saturate the soil so that the roots collect enough to last until the next watering.

Keep an Eye Out for Wilting
A single wilted leaf is not an accident; it’s a sign that your garden is drying out. But, to identify conclusive wilting, check your garden in the morning or evening. Some plants with larger leaves will wilt in the afternoon before recovering in the evening after the temperature has cooled.

Use Mulch
Mulch is any organic or inorganic material used to help plants retain water more effectively. There are many different types of mulch–it’s usually best to go for something organic, such as shredded wood trimmings or grass clippings. Working with mulch is easy. All you have to do is place a few inches on top of the soil around your plants and let the mulch work its magic! You can use it year-round, or just for the season to offset some of the dryness from the heat.

Use the Right Soil
Picking the right soil for your plants is especially crucial in summer. Not all soil is created equal, and each type has its benefits for certain plants. Check out our blog on choosing the right soil for a brief outline of sand, silt, peat and other commonly used soils.

Water Early in the Morning
Water evaporates faster during the hot afternoon hours. Instead of watering when the sun is beating down on your garden, water early in the morning so your plants get the water they need before the day starts. If your morning routine doesn’t allow time, you can also water in the evening for the same effect.

Hire a Landscaping Company
Aside from watering, you can enjoy a lovely garden year-round when you hire a professional to provide expert care for your plants. As a full-service New Jersey landscaping company, High Tech offers all of the residential landscaping services you need for your lawn, trees, shrubs and garden. Click here to contact us today.