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September 8, 2020

Prep Your Outdoor Space for Any Back to School Scenario

“This is not going to be a normal school year,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said in a news conference. “This is really hard.”

Indeed, the debate of whether schools should reopen for in-person instruction during the coronavirus pandemic remains heated and high-stakes. Even if or when schools open, the situation could change quickly and frequently based on public health and safety measures. In any event, your backyard can serve as an outlet to maintain your sanity and your child’s education.

True Back to School = Take Back Your Time

If schools are open and you feel comfortable sending your child to attend classes, this is your chance to reclaim some of the personal space you may have sacrificed during the initial onset and lockdown. Use the time to care for your plants, design your dream landscape, plant the seeds of next spring, or simply embrace a moment of serenity to the soundtrack of nature. Read more.

100% Remote Classes = Study Break Outside

Whether by order or by choice, remote classes have become much more feasible and manageable over the past few months. Balance is extremely important for you and your child to adapt to online learning. Turn your patio into a place for both of you to catch a quick breather, whether separately or together. Adding a water feature—or, in winter, a fire feature—can help to create an atmosphere that is both calming and rejuvenating. Here are a few ideas.

Frequent Flux = Outdoor Classroom at Home

If there is one lesson we have learned from living in a pandemic, it’s that things can change at any given moment. This realization applies even more so to the current state of schools, which are grappling with pressure from all sides to both educate and protect children. In turn, you need to be ready for your child to be studying in school one day and at home the next.

If you find yourself in a hybrid setup, fall is the ideal season to spend time outdoors. Consider redesigning your outdoor area for extended use in cool weather so that you and your child can look forward to remote days in the crisp breeze.

Complete Lockdown = Get Some Fresh Air

The intense lockdown we all weathered in spring will hopefully be the only one of its kind in our lives now that we are learning how to reduce the spread of the coronavirus while carrying on with certain daily activities. However, we must recognize that another lockdown is not out of the realm of possibility. Investing in your landscape will help ensure you always have access to a safe, comfortable outdoor space where you can process anything and everything life throws at you. Get started now with these cozy fall landscaping ideas to stay at home in style.

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