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Wave Petunia

Looking for something productive and rewarding to do with your landscape in winter? Spend some DIY time planting Wave® petunias. By spring, you’ll have a bright, flowering burst of color from a plant that is completely easy to care for.

Because Wave petunias are known for their spreading growth, we recommend using them in flower beds, containers, baskets or as hedges so that they can overgrow their homes in dramatic fashion. Their reach will exceed your expectations, as will their beauty. Full sun, well-drained soil, regular watering and fertilizer are all these plants need to set the stage for a gorgeous display ahead!

Did You Know?
The first Wave petunias were bred by the Japanese beer maker, Kirin Brewery, in 1995. In 2020, Wave celebrated 25 years since the debut of the original, award-winning Wave Purple Classic.

Other Fun Facts About Wave Petunias

  • There are now five types of Wave petunias and over 50 varieties.
  • Wave petunias do not require deadheading, making them the lower maintenance option compared to traditional petunias.
  • Wave petunias can spread up to four feet in length and five feet in width.
  • Some Wave petunia packages include mixtures of seeds for different colored flowers.

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