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firepower heavenly bamboo

Firepower Heavenly Bamboo

With a name like firepower heavenly bamboo, this shrub has a lot to live up to—which it does, thanks to its bright red leaves in fall. The foliage can even keep showing off into winter, making firepower heavenly bamboo a top choice for cold weather color.

Plant firepower heavenly bamboo in well-drained soil and full sun, giving it plenty of water for its first season. New Jersey is right near the cutoff for how far north it can live, so take advantage of this prized fall favorite.

Did You Know?
Firepower heavenly bamboo isn’t actually bamboo but gets its name for bearing resemblance with its shoots and stalks. It’s a member of the Barberry family.

Other Fun Facts About Firepower Heavenly Bamboo

  • Firepower heavenly bamboo is native to Asia and often sought for Zen garden design.
  • The shrub is evergreen down south but deciduous up north. It’s so prevalent in the south that it’s considered an invasive species in some states.
  • No pruning required!
  • Firepower heavenly bamboo has red winter berries, giving your landscape a quintessential winter scene in the snow.

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