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Sango Kaku

Standing out among the fall foliage and subsequent winter drab is the Coral Bark Japanese Maple, known for its nearly-neon red bark color. Bright green leaves in spring and summer turn an equally brilliant yellow in fall, making for an extremely aesthetic contrast.

Coral Park Japanese Maple is also known as Sango Kaku. We’ll tell you why in a minute, but first, let us recommend planting this beauty in full-but-filtered sun and watering it at least weekly. The tree can grow to over 20 feet tall, with rapid growth during the first few years after planting.

Did You Know?
In Japanese, Sango Kaku means “coral tower,” a clear and elegant description of this highly prized maple.

Other Fun Facts About Sango Kaku

  • Sango Kaku’s red bark actually gets brighter in winter and will become the star of your landscape during the coldest months.
  • Despite its height, Sango Kaku is relatively compact at just 12 feet wide in full maturity.
  • This tree is not only pleasing to the eye, but also hardy. It is drought tolerant in summer and will stand tall in the snow through winter.
  • Sango Kaku previously received the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in England.

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