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Red Twig Dogwood

No shrub can hold its beauty in winter quite like red twig dogwood. Its long, coral-like branches pair perfectly with fresh white snow. Elegant flowers and small berries follow in the spring and summer months.

Red twig dogwoods are deciduous flowering shrubs used for year-round appeal, and as privacy dividers. Ideally, they should be planted in somewhat acidic soil, in a damp area that receives ample sunlight. Red twig dogwood can grow to about 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide, so be sure to leave plenty of room for it to branch out, pruning if desired. The flowers bloom in summer, but winter is by far the highlight of this virtually weatherproof dogwood belonging to the Cornus alba species.

Did You Know?
Cutting back red twig dogwood’s old stems in early spring will bring brighter branches in winter.

Other Fun Facts About Red Twig Dogwood

  • In summer, red twig dogwood’s lush leaves provide shelter for small birds.
  • In winter, the shrub boasts more than 50 shades of red.
  • Planting red twig dogwood can help prevent erosion, thanks to its fast-growing nature and brawny stature.

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