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knockout roses

Knock Out® Rose

Everyone loves roses, but unless you’re a gardening pro, they can be difficult to maintain. In 2000, Milwaukee rose breeder William Radler changed the history of rose gardening when he introduced what would become the world’s bestselling rose, the Knock Out® rose. Home gardeners love Knock Out roses because they are extremely easy to care for compared to traditional roses, and bloom continuously through spring and summer all the way up to the first frost.

Knock Out roses can be planted in direct sunlight, and do not require any special care or separation from the rest of your garden. You don’t even have to remove spent blooms. Knock Out roses come in 10 different colors, allowing you to create fantastic mix-and-match displays.

Did You Know?
William Radler purchased his first rose for 49 cents and planted his first rose bush at age 9, and has dedicated his entire life to rose gardening.

Other Fun Facts About Knock Out Roses

  • The success of the Knock Out rose led to new members to the family, such as the Double Knock Out rose (twice the number of petals), the Sunny Knock Out rose (fragrant yellow flowers turning to cream colored as they open), and several other varieties.
  • Knock Out roses are drought resistant.
  • At just 17 years old, William Radler was already a charter member of Milwaukee’s North Shore Rose Society.
  • In its first year on the market in 2000, the Knock Out rose won the All-American Rose Award.


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