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gold thread cypress

Gold Thread Cypress

A bright shade of golden-green makes gold thread cypress a surprise standout in the garden. This low- and slow-growing shrub has stringy leaves and a full stature, with year-round interest and longevity. It can take 10-plus years to reach six feet tall.

Gold thread cypress must be planted in full sun in order to thrive and maintain its beautiful color. We also recommend moist, well-drained soil and an added layer of mulch.

Did You Know?
Unlike many other plants, gold thread cypress can tolerate salt spray from the ocean. It’s the perfect pick for coastal residents in New Jersey. 

Other Fun Facts About Gold Thread Cypress

  • Gold thread cypress grows as wide as it does tall.
  • In summer, this plant shows small green cones.
  • Gold thread cypress is native to Japan and popular in Asian gardens.

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