May 29, 2020

Invest in Your Outdoor Space for Summer

A summer of social distancing isn’t so bad when you can soak up the sun in your own backyard. Reallocate your summer travel and entertainment budget to your outdoor space with award-winning landscaping from High Tech, including:

Private Patio

Instead of visiting crowded outdoor bars and boardwalks, many of which will now have lines outside their doors due to reduced capacity, create your own backyard oasis. A patio is the centerpiece of outdoor living and an investment that instantly adds value to your home. High Tech’s NJ patio builders have completed many projects ranging from small custom outdoor patio designs to grand garden paths. Order takeout or delivery to support your favorite local restaurants and enjoy safely at home.

Outdoor Kitchen

Picked up a passion for cooking during quarantine? Take it to the next level with an outdoor kitchen. Not only is an outdoor kitchen a luxurious and stylish amenity; it also helps you minimize the spread of germs while hosting. From our previous article:

“Doorknobs are germ holders. Of course, you will need to make your bathroom available, but when hosting guests, give them everything they need to enjoy the open air without having to re-enter your home. An outdoor kitchen is a game-changer in the art of entertaining.”

Custom Zen Fountain

The U.S. Census Bureau recently found that one-third of Americans are currently experiencing anxiety or depression. Bring a sense of ease and happiness to your landscape with an elegant water feature such as a floating pool fountain. The soft, soothing sound of running water pairs wonderfully with our next recommendation…

Natural Synergy

Humans and plants thrive on each other’s presence. It’s one of the purest and most beautiful relationships occurring on Earth. In essence, plants help us breathe, and we help them grow. High Tech can help you choose the right plants for your landscape and nurture them with reliable lawn, tree and shrub care. For summer, in particular, we recommend these 11 plants that bloom all summer long.

Complete Landscape Design

The best backyard is the one that achieves your vision, pleases your family, welcomes your guests and inspires you to embrace nature year-round. In addition to the investments above, High Tech can assist you with landscape lighting, walkways, retaining walls and more. Get started today.

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