May 1, 2020

How to Host a Safe and Relaxing Memorial Day Party in Your Backyard

Whether you are heeding orders to stay home or choosing to reduce your risk of getting sick, a Memorial Day BBQ in your backyard can be every bit as fun as any outing. Now, more than ever, we are cherishing quality time with loved ones. Make Memorial Day Weekend the start of a new approach to summer—one that brings your family together in the safest, sunniest and most relaxing way possible. Here are a few tips:

Create an Escape

Guests don’t attend a backyard BBQ for the thrill of a lifetime; they want to relax. With this in mind, you can focus on removing distractions rather than creating them. Choose plants over party favors. Consider planting trees to subtly section off your yard from the neighbors. Turn down the radio and let the sounds of nature take the lead. It might feel underwhelming compared to a raging party; that’s the point!

Nip Bugs in the Bud

Insects don’t come out in full force until summer, but insect problems start in spring. If you have not yet invested in professional insect control, contact High Tech Landscapes ahead of your hosting. Fleas, ticks and mosquitos are known disease carriers that reproduce quickly. Our Integrated Plant Health Care Systems division provides organic flea, tick and mosquito sprays that work to combat these nuisances along with the thousands of eggs they carry.

Make Social Distancing Feel Natural

The age of social distancing is changing the way we interact with others, including family members. In the same way stores and restaurants are redesigning their spaces, you can update your landscape, too. For example, if you have a pool, place your lounge chairs thoughtfully so that guests are far enough apart to have their personal space, yet close enough to communicate in normal speaking volume. Roasting marshmallows by the fire pit? Fill every other seat with a chic accent piece. Our new normal doesn’t have to feel so awkward.

Minimize Trips Inside

Doorknobs are germ holders. Of course, you will need to make your bathroom available, but when hosting guests, give them everything they need to enjoy the open air without having to re-enter your home. An outdoor kitchen is a game-changer in the art of entertaining. Regardless of whether you have an outdoor kitchen, items such as hand sanitizers, paper towels and spray cleaners are important to have on hand while outdoors.

Announce the New Summer HQ

In New Jersey, we live for summer. We also look out for each other. The more we can avoid overcrowding, the safer we will all be. After your Memorial Day Weekend BBQ is complete, don’t invite everyone back next year; invite them back next week! High Tech is here to help turn your landscape into the new and safe summer headquarters for your friends and family. Learn more about our NJ residential landscaping.

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