spring cleaning
March 2, 2017

Why Every Landscape Needs a Spring Cleaning

There are lawns, and then there are landscapes. To achieve the latter–as in the beautiful, the inspiring, and the extraordinary–it takes extra care and attention to detail. The start of spring is a particularly pivotal time for your landscaping–at least if you want the vibrant life and colors that make spring so special. Here’s why it’s important to invest in a spring landscaping cleanup.

The first step to get ready for warmer weather is to de-winterize your sprinkler system and ensure your plants receive ample water during the spring and summer seasons. For a quick guide to de-winterizing, click here.

Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care
Most of your landscaping has probably gone dormant during winter. A gorgeous spring landscape starts with health, which is why High Tech Landscapes’ Integrated Plant Health Care Systems unit provides specialty programs that help keep your landscape healthy to the roots. These services include fertilization, disease control, insect control, arboriculture, horticulture and more.

Spring Prep
Nobody likes chores, but consider this the part where you set the stage for a dazzling spring. Raking, pruning, debris removal, and general preparation will help your landscape truly “spring” to life as soon as the season allows. Click here for a more detailed guide to these tasks.

Weed Control
Weed control begins before you ever see weeds, not when they show up in your garden. Establish a thorough weed control regimen now to avoid a weed takeover come summertime.

Need a Spring Landscaping Cleanup?
A spring cleanup is essential, but that doesn’t mean it has to be on your personal to-do list. After all, there are probably many other ways you’d rather enjoy the first signs of warmth. Let High Tech Landscapes care for your lawn and garden, not just in preparation for spring, but year-round. Call us at 732-564-7132 to speak with one of our landscaping experts, or click over to our residential landscaping services page for more information.

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