March 01 2017
de winterizing

De-Winterizing Your Irrigation System

The first true landscaping triumph of spring is de-winterizing your sprinkler system. This is when you know that a beautiful lawn and lively garden are just around the corner.

However, de-winterizing is a tricky and time-consuming process that involves:

  • Checking the valves and turning them on slowly
  • Inspecting for leaks
  • Setting the timer
  • Making necessary adjustments

Flexible Irrigation Contracts
Don’t get caught in a mess and risk the health of your landscape. High Tech Landscapes offers multiple irrigation contract options covering every budget. Whether you need general maintenance, repairs, updates to your system or all of the above, High Tech can help. For commercial irrigation systems click here.

Reliable Service
What if opening your system only required you to be present rather than active? That’s exactly the case with High Tech as your irrigation services provider. All you have to do is be home to turn on your water lines, and we’ll take it from there. Our season opener includes:

  • Setting a water schedule and performing diagnostics
  • Ensuring the main line is filled and leak-free
  • Inspecting all sprinkler heads
  • Inspecting for proper system coverage

Contract holders can also enjoy mid-season and winterization service, with preferred scheduling year-round. Opening your irrigation system is not as easy as closing it. Let High Tech make de-winterizing a completely worry-free process. For more information, see our NJ irrigation services page.