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February 7, 2017

How to Bring Your Landscaping Back to Life After Winter

For landscaping and gardening enthusiasts, there’s no better feeling than that of winter finally loosening its grip. As the clocks spring forward and buds turn to blossoms, there are a few things you’ll want to do in order to have a magnificent landscape through spring.

Contrary to popular practice, hold off on completely dethatching your lawn. Many experts will tell you that this should be done when spring is in full swing and your grass is growing, not when your lawn is in dormancy. Instead, save yourself the time and energy, and lightly rake dead leaves, twigs and other winter debris.

This is the time to trim your trees and shrubs so that they grow faster and healthier come springtime. Shrub and tree service like pruning will also help you to find and clean up any damage that winter might have left, such as broken branches.

Speaking of broken branches, you should remove any that you see and allow your trees and shrubs to start recovering. Doing this on the cusp of spring will help your landscaping to look its best by the time the signs of the season arrive.

Removing winter protection, cleaning out planters, adding mulch, buying seeds, maintaining your hardscaping–these are all things you can be doing in early March. Also be sure to inspect your landscaping for any signs of disease or mold.

Finally, the fun part–once you’ve completed the tasks above, you can begin to set the stage for the colors of spring. Pops of color, fragrant flowers, and bright green grass are soon to follow.

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