May 2, 2016

Fragrant Plants for Spring

Spring is best known for its bright colors, but it can also be lovely on the nose. There are many plants and flowers that are as fragrant as they are beautiful. You can add a few of them to your garden to create a glorious spring experience right outside your home and savor New Jersey’s most rejuvenating season. Here are High Tech’s top picks:

One of the most popular floral scents in retail, gardenia is often described as sweet, striking, and even intoxicating. These shrubs thrive indoors and out. They can weather NJ’s cold winters, and will bloom from late spring through summer.

Another popular scent in perfumes and candles, lily is typically very sweet-smelling. There are many different types of lilies, from Easter to Oriental (especially fragrant) to Tiger and much more. Not all lilies have a scent, though, so be sure to ask a gardening expert before buying.

The burst of red and purple from lilacs in bloom is complemented by a subtly spicy, noticeable-yet-unobtrusive scent. If you’re adding lilacs to your garden, note that these shrubs will need some space to grow–somewhere between 5 and 8 feet wide.

How could we compile a quick list of fragrant flowers without including roses? They’re an all-time favorite, classic and unmistakable in every way.

In addition to bright hues of purple and pink, hyacinths can fill your garden with floral scented goodness all on their own. It doesn’t take many, so go light on your first batch. Some people find the smell of hyacinths to be overpowering.

Herbal and mildly sweet, the scent of perennial lavender can be a wonderful addition to your garden. That’s not to mention the gorgeous purple flowers that can last through the entire growing season.

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