November 30 2018
Banner Year for High Tech

2018: Another Banner Year for High Tech

In landscaping, being the best in the business entails excellence in every aspect, from the customer experience to the results and return on investment. Year after year, High Tech rises to its longstanding reputation, garnering awards and recognition from the industry’s leading publications. In 2018, we are proud to be included in these national rankings: […]

November 19 2018
dragon lady holly

Dragon Lady Holly

Dragon Lady holly could very well be the best-named plant around. Evergreen, elegant and easy to care for, this shrub can be used in virtually any landscape. Growing to approximately 15 feet tall by 6 feet wide, Dragon Lady holly is one of the slimmer trees you’ll find. When planted in full sun to partial […]

November 19 2018
know your plants Holly

Oak Leaf Holly

From the prized Red Holly series sprouts Oak Leaf holly, the most upright of its hybrid relatives. This evergreen shrub grows in a pyramidal shape, with bright red berries in winter and bronze to burgundy leaf growth in spring. Oak Leaf holly brings year-round interest and privacy. Plant it in partial to full sun and […]

November 05 2018

Common NJ Plant Diseases, Pests and How to Avoid Them

Plant diseases and pests can turn a lovely landscape into a battle zone. Instead of beautification, the focus turns to simply salvaging trees, shrubs, and your wallet. Oftentimes, an infection or infestation causes months of stress and heartache—which is why it’s so important to defend your landscape proactively rather than reactively. The first step is […]

November 01 2018

In Landscaping, Winter Means Spring

Winter might seem like a dormant time for your landscape. However, the barren trees aren’t as hopeless as they may seem, and spring will always follow. The most common mistake homeowners make is letting their landscaping slip during the cold months. Not only are there plenty of ways to make winter a little more colorful, […]

October 09 2018
norway spruce

Norway Spruce

Its scientific name is Picea abies, but most people see it simply as the Christmas tree. Growing up to 60 feet tall at a rapid rate of approximately two feet per year, the Norway spruce makes for an impressive—and, in December, convenient—addition to a sprawling backyard landscape. This towering tree is native to Europe and […]

October 09 2018
serbian spruce

Serbian Spruce

While many spruce trees are wide and full, the Serbian spruce is unique for its slender frame. Make no mistake, however, this spruce is still hardy enough to withstand New Jersey’s cold winters and hot summers. Growing as tall as 60 feet with a 20-25-foot spread, Serbian spruce is an ideal addition to a landscape […]

October 01 2018
know your plants SangoKaku

Sango Kaku

Standing out among the fall foliage and subsequent winter drab is the Coral Bark Japanese Maple, known for its nearly-neon red bark color. Bright green leaves in spring and summer turn an equally brilliant yellow in fall, making for an extremely aesthetic contrast. Coral Park Japanese Maple is also known as Sango Kaku. We’ll tell […]